This inscription is engraved on a rock near the Siva temple at a locality known as Nityapujakona, situated in the Lankamalla hilly forest area, on the banks of river Penna, adjacent to the village Vanthaṭipalli in Siddhavatam mandalam of Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh. It is written in Telugu language and characters of 7th-8th century A.D.

The record begins with obeisance to the feet of lord Rāma. It states that Villīśvara of Muḍidhi, Taṇḍiyā, a lady officer of Julakuṇḍi, [Padma]nāthajiya, a military officer of Vichlasa and raṭṭamuḍlu(officials) fought with Baṇas.

It is interesting to note that the present Inscription gives the earliest reference of battle between Renaṭi Cholas and Baṇas in the dominion of Renaṭi Cholas (which comprised major portion of Kadapa and parts of Anantapur and Chittoor districts of Andhra Pradesh). The above mentioned officials were under the control of Renaṭi Cholas.

Pillaa kumaraswaamy,9490122229

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